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#热AI生活季#Hayo AI是一款新的AI应用,由前TapTap联合创始人黄希威发布。该应用使用“前店后厂”模式,直接融入现有的热门AI大模型工具:Stable Diffusion和Chat GPT-4/GPT-3.5,让用户可以直接聊天、出图,方便国内网民。


🎉🚀✨Hey there! Are you a fan of AI? 🤖🤔 If so, you’re in luck because Hayo AI has some amazing tools that can help you create stunning visuals and engaging conversations. 💡💡First up, let’s talk about Stable Diffusion. This cutting-edge technology allows Hayo AI to generate high-quality images based on your input. Whether you need a logo for your business or a beautiful landscape for your blog post, Stable Diffusion has got you covered! 🌟✨But that’s not all! Hayo AI also offers Chat GPT-4/GPT-3.5, which is perfect if you’re looking to improve your writing skills or engage in interesting conversations with others. With this tool, you can explore a wide range of topics and even collaborate with other users to create something truly unique! 🤝🤝And don’t forget about the latest news and developments in AI! Hayo AI keeps you up-to-date on all the latest trends and breakthroughs, so you never miss out on anything exciting. Plus, you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for AI and discuss everything from theory to practice. 🤝🤝So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Hayo AI today and start exploring the possibilities of AI! 💡💡

🎉 Hayo AI 是一款创新的AI生成图像应用,它提供了一种全新的游戏体验!你可以在多人房间中与朋友一起玩,也可以独自与AI进行交流和指令输出。在这个过程中,你可以输入图片提示词,Hayo AI 就会使用Stable Diffusion创作出令人惊叹的图像,并将它们发送给你。不仅如此,你还可以在个人动态中分享这些图像,让全世界的人都能欣赏到你的才华!

🎉 Hayo AI 是一款专为普通用户提供AI创作工具的平台,它不仅负责用户端入口和使用场景的开发,还让普通用户能够快速上手使用AI工具创作。首先,Hayo AI 接入了Chat GPT 和 Stable Diffusion 这两个技术实力强大且热度极高的AI工具。Chat GPT 是一款人工智能语言模型,可以生成高质量的文字内容;Stable Diffusion 则是一款开源免费的图像生成工具,可以用于创意设计和艺术创作。通过二次开发和运营,Hayo AI 已经成功圈住了用户,并开始产生收入。因此,Hayo AI 在AI创作领域已经具备了先发优势。





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